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The Grimhorn Tribe is a Horde guild on the Draenor realm of World of Warcraft. Membership to guild is by invitation only, and all members are subject to the guild's policies. We respect and value the privacy of all members, and go to great lengths to uphold that privacy, while still building a vibrant online community.

Personal information and other data that we collect

  • Upon acceptance to the guild, the new member is required to provide a valid email address. This email address will not be shared, and will only be used in support of the Grimhorn Mail Service (see below).
  • Publicly-available information about the member, as provided through the World of Warcraft Armory is also collected for the online member roster.
  • Other information, including the member's real name and hometown, may be provided in the member's profile, but this information is voluntary, and will not be shared unless the member enables their profile to be visible.


In an effort to cultivate an active community, but respect the privacy of its members, we have created the Grimhorn Mail Service. GMS is a mail filter which allows registered members of the Grimhorn Tribe to communicate with other registered members via Internet email, without having to publicize their personal email addresses. It does this by assigning an email address in the grimhorn.org domain to each member, which is automatically forwarded to the email address of that member's choice. Email sent to members of this service will have the addresses in the mail automatically translated, so that the sender's actual email address is never revealed to the recipient. This allows members to freely send email to other members, maintaining the privacy of the real email address, and requiring no reconfiguration on the part of the sending party's email program.

For example, say that Member A has a real email address of somebody@somedomain.com. Member B has a real email address of somebodyelse@anotherdomain.com. If Member A wanted to send an email to Member B, they would simply address the email to memberb@grimhorn.org. GMS would translate instances of somebody@somedomain.com to membera@grimhorn.org, strip out some identifying headers, and send the resulting email to somebodyelse@anotherdomain.com. Thus, both Member A's and Member B's privacy are ensured.

If an email comes into GMS from a non-registered address, then it is bounced immediately.

List membership is generally optional, although there are some lists to which membership is compulsory, as a member of Grimhorn Tribe.

Privacy Policy

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