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Guild Policies

Grimhorn Tribe has only a few requirements of our members, and a few more recommendations to our members. These are there to help facilitate communication, foster community, and generate an enjoyable gaming environment.

  • Email: Online communities such as ours meet, survive, grow and flourish based entirely on communication. Membership with Grimhorn Tribe is dependent upon registering your email with us on this site. The email system is a double-blind system that protects both user's email addresses, and is entirely internal to Grimhorn.org itself. If you need more details about the system, you can ask questions through newuser@grimhorn.org and our email guru will answer whatever questions you may have. Registering your email with Grimhorn Tribe is simply a matter of emailing newuser@grimhorn.org with your character name, and all alts that are in the tribe. Doing this will also give you a login account and password, access to the forums, QM inventory and all the other Grimhorn Goodies available on the site. If you are admitted into the Tribe, and do not register your email within two weeks, sadly, we will have to revoke your membership.
  • Addons: It is strongly recommended that you install Guild Event Manager and Teamspeex. Once you have registered, you will be able to access a page with links and more information.


Ultimately, the point of playing any game is to have fun. To that end, Grimhorn Tribe wants to be sure that our members are all dedicated to these core values, and we believe that following these values will help ensure that everyone enjoys their time spent with us.

  • Truth. Honesty is an increasingly rare trait these days, but we do hold it in high regard. It is important to us, especially in this online environment, to be honest with each other. Trust can be forever lost to those who are discovered to be misrepresenting themselves in any way.
  • Respect. Everyone has their own opinions and beliefs, and we require of our members respect for other players.
  • Generosity. The bounties of Azeroth are many and varied. While we don’t require tithes, dues or taxes, we do prefer to trade and be generous to our own members. We are working together here, for the betterment of the guild.
  • Support: No Orc is an island. Players will often need help with quests or items, mobs, parties and raids. Be willing to pitch in and help another Grimhorn. That said, we don't expect you to give up your hard-earned money, effort or [stuff] for minimal or nonexistent return. If you want to give up something, that's up to you.
  • Trading: Trades should only happen when you are able to walk away happy because you got something that was worth more than what you had.  If you do not feel the trade fits that requirement, then say “No.”
  • “Can someone take me through WC?” Cooperation goes a long way towards fostering a positive atmosphere in GHT. If you’re asking for help through an instance or series of quests, you should be able to contribute to the run. If you simply want a quick run through an instance to get it done, go ahead and ask, but don’t be surprised or offended if no one wants to do it for you. Remember, if someone comes to help you and they greatly out-level the area or the instance, most of what drops will be quite worthless to them. All they’ll be getting is some feel-good generosity and a repair bill. GENEROSITY WORKS BOTH WAYS. It’s a form of respect. Also remember that if you bring along someone who greatly outstrips the area's level, then much of the exp will be absorbed by them. This may defeat the entire purpose of bringing them along in the first place.
    If you are asked to help someone this way, you are free to do so.  You are also free to say no.  If you have an alt of appropriate level, you might offer to join a group.

Party behavior

  • Follow the party Leader. Party cohesiveness is dependent upon everyone playing together, working toward a common goal. The party leader will be the final authority to settle all in party disputes, will make the final decision for which direction to go or which path to take, and should be looked towards for overall party tactics.
  • Keep it fun. Probably the most ambiguous rule. Simply put a little effort into making sure everyone you are grouping with is involved, and listen to the rest of the group. If someone is complaining, see what you can do to make it right.
  • GHT Standardized Loot Rules: Everyone needs something. More armor, better weapons, stronger trinkets, more money. It is always acceptable to ask the group for specific items, or inform them that you are looking for a particular drop. It is BEST to do this when a run starts. To be fair to the party you group with, please follow these rules for looting.
    • Standard rules: Set party to “Group Loot”. This is the default setting for looting in WoW. When a rare item drops, it will pop up a window, with a picture of the item. The Dice icon is for rolling “Need”. The Coin icon is for rolling “Greed” you can click the X button to close the window and “Pass” on the item.
    • Defining Need vs. Greed: Need is when an item is an upgrade for a player. The item must be of the appropriate type. How then, do you know it’s a Need? Here is a simple test: if, after receiving the item, you will immediately (or nearly immediately) equip it, then it is a “Need”. It should have better stats (armor rating, DPS, attribute bonuses, or effects) than what you are currently using.
    • When isn’t it a “need”:
      • If you’re going to sell it for money to buy something you need.
      • If you’re going to give it to an alt (other character) of yours
      • If your class cannot use the item (Mages and priests do not Need Plate armor)
      • Component materials, e.g. Gemstones, Living Essence, etc. By virtue of everyone needing these things for their recipes, the need is equal and you should roll greed.
    • High End instances: Grimhorn Tribe has decided against an artificial loot system for large instances, however other guilds do insist on using them. If you join another guild's raid event, then be sure to ask someone in the raid how they handle loot distribution, as every guild does it differently.
    • Bind on Pick Up items (BOP): Usually bosses will drop these items, and it will bind to the person who wins the roll. They cannot surrender it, trade it or give it away. It can only be used by the person who picked it up or sold to an NPC vendor. If there is no enchanter in your group, Roll “Need” or “Greed” as you would for any other item. If there is an enchanter in the group, please follow this method:

      IN some cases time is of the essence, a timed even in and instance. In that case, wait for the end of the event to disenchant the items.

      • Determine if the item is a “Need” item. If it is, Roll “Need”.
      • If it is not a “Need” item, choose “Pass”.
      • If everyone has passed, the enchanter picks up the item (thus binding it to them).
      • The enchanter then disenchants the item.
      • Everyone may /roll for the resulting enchant material.
      • The enchant material is traded to the winner of the roll.
    • Set items and Weird Stuff

It is hoped that following these guidelines when playing both with and without guild members will lead to a stronger gaming environment and help garner respect for GHT members throughout Draenor. Understand that these are GHT-Approved practices, and are not universal to all players. If you are in a pick-up group, they may not be familiar with any of these practices, and you may need to either abandon or communicate any of the above with your non-guild party members. Finally, it’s worth noting that if you are consistently passing on all items, no matter how well intentioned it is, it can make your party members uncomfortable as they may feel they are stealing your rightful loot.

  • Loot out of combat. Mis-clicks happen, but do your best to not loot when the party is fighting. It can be distracting and potentially dangerous to the rest of the party if looting starts in combat.
  • Chests: 

    Blizzard has changed the way chests work. Anything over the loot threshhold (default green or uncommon) will automatically call you to roll or pass. If an item is related to a trade skill and BOP only those with the trade skill will see the item and be able to roll on it. If master looter is in force the master looter will decide. If free for all or round robin is in force those rules will be followed. GHT custom is to use group loot for all things.

    If you spot a chest, mention it to the group, and when the area is safe someone will be asked to open it. If there are items in the chest you cannot use, pots etc, let the party know and/or distribute them to players that can.
    • Please do not open a chest, "just to see inside", or just because you saw it first. Wait until the area is safe and then the leader will ask someone to get the chest.
    • If you have the ability to unlock the chest (e.g. rogues and blacksmith keys) it does not give you automatic rights to open the chest or afford you first pick of items.
  • Resource nodes: Resource nodes (ores and herbs) are more informal and can be discussed, rolled for, or you may use some other method for distributing the nodes. A common Grimhorn practice is Node rotation, in which all players who can harvest the node decide the order in which they will harvest nodes.

Unacceptable Behavior

  • Rudeness. Simple. On any channel, general, guild, party or whisper, be polite. It’s okay to joke, or have some friendly ribbing, but if someone expresses an objection, stop.
  • Dishonesty. It was mentioned before, but bears mentioning again. Grimhorn Tribe believes in honesty. Don’t lie. Please.
  • Ninja Looting.If you ask for a chest or an item, most likely, the group will allow you to have it. There is no need to Ninja someone out of their fair shake. If you have accidentally taken an item, offer it back to the appropriate person. It also bears mentioning that node theft is a great way to irritate other players. While there is no real rule or authority to stop you from running in and grabbing an ore, herb, chest or other node while someone else is fighting a guardian creep, try to use reason and respect for the other player. Often, they too are working hard to try to get their own resources.


Every organization must handle itself in all aspects of recruitment, promotion and, as distasteful and unfortunate as it may be, discipline. We make these guidelines in the hopes that we never need to use them, but they are available should they become necessary.

Violating the Guild Policies will result in disciplinary action. Obviously, the greater the violation, the stronger the action taken against the offender, but we prefer to believe that everyone deserves a chance. We are also aware that these kind of situations are dynamic, and the Tribal Council will do their best to apply the most appropriate disciplinary action warranted.

  • Discussion. Should a player’s actions violate our guild policies, either one of the Subchiefs or the Tribal Chief will have a discussion with offender (in whisper—that is, outside of the public eye) to discuss the issue. Every story has two sides and we are willing to listen to yours. There is no consequence to this discussion, it simply serves as a warning.
  • Demotion. Should offender’s violations continue, or depending on the severity of the situation, the offender may be demoted. Promotion later on is possible, even encouraged, as once the demotion has been completed, the matter is to be consider closed. Only the Tribal Chief may demote a member.
  • Suspension. For serious violations, Suspension from the guild is possible. Suspension is typically two weeks, and offender will be welcome to reapply to the guild after the specified date. Suspension will only occur with a majority vote of the Tribal Council. Reapplication is through the Recruiters or the Tribal Council, and acceptance will occur with the approval of the Tribal Council.
  • Exile. For unconscionable, major and/or repeated violations, offenders will receive a permanent boot from Grimhorn Tribe. This can only happen with approval from the Tribal Chief. Once booted in this manner, the offending character and all alts will be removed from the guild. The player is completely barred from rejoining the Tribe.


Any disciplinary action taken against a player may be appealed by taking it to the next level up, with the final authority being the Tribal Chief. Even Exile may be appealed. The player will be permitted to present their case, and the Tribal Council will convene to review the situation.

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