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Horde Elite Aerial Flight Teams on Display!

P.J. Rossi

Horde Associated Press

The aerial acumen of the Horde Elite Wyvern Riders (HEWeRs) was recently on display during the first annual Barrens Airshow. Heroes and Citizens from across Barrens and Durotar flocked to Crossroads to see the War Wyverns on display, the precision flying and aerial combat tactics. Orphans from Orgrimaar were taken on a special trip to the airshow, where they visited with the Wyvern riders, Notable Heroes of the Horde, enjoyed some Hallow’s End treats and more.

Alliance spies were found nearby and nearly ruined the day for the Orphans when they were discovered. Instead of retreating, the Alliance rallied and attacked Crossroads. The sudden assault caught many Heroes off-guard, but after a few initial losses of perimeter guards, the Horde forces were rallied and beat back the Alliance interlopers. In a running battle that ranged between Crossroads and Ratchet, over 150 Alliance invaders were killed and close to 70 Horde defenders fell to the Alliance attacks.

The day was not an entire loss, for after the skirmish was over, the Horde Elite Wyvern Riders took to the air again for a breathtaking display of aerial showmanship, swooping low over Crossroads, climbing to dizzying heights and displaying dangerous close-formation flying.

Alterac Mountains haven for Ogre enclave

Horde Associated Press
By P.J. Rossi, HAP Writer

North of Terran Mill lies a treacherous range of mountains known for their heavy snows, year-round freezing temperatures and generally unpleasant environment. Before the Third War, a military outpost known as Alterac had grown into a cozy home for some 1000 humans. The fortress is now known as the Ruins of Alterac, and has been inhabited by Ogres of the Crushridge clan since the fortress fell to the Scourge in the Third War.

Grimhorn Tribe had been assigned to investigate rumors of a rising Ogre Warlord in the area. Scout Grotswatter responded to the assignment. A brief foray into the area netted several Ogre Mauler kills, until the alarm had been raised and the Ogre defenses marshaled against her. Grotswatter returned to Terran Mill to fill out an after-action report to the Horde Defense Ministry.

In the report, Scout Grotswatter indicates the growing threat of the Crushridge Ogre clan. “Them damn things are hideous. They’re worse than gnomes! At least gnomes have the decency to keep under 3 feet tall and not crap everywhere!” Grotswatter goes on in the report outlining the Ogre defensive capabilities, disposition of forces and apparent leaders. At the end of the report Grotswatter reports, “Ogre tribes are like a leech. Cut off the head and it will grow back, but it’s gonna take time. The only way to completely wipe out the rotters is to destroy them down to the last Ogre pup, burn their burrows, poison their dens, and spit on the corpses.”

Horde Defense Ministry officials in Terran Mill responded with the following quote: “To completely root out the infestation would constitute an unconscionable expenditure of personnel, resources and materiel. You are therefore directed to assassinate the heads of the Crushridge Clan using whatever methodology and resources you can muster and deem appropriate.”

Scout Grotswatter’s response was “huh?”

The HDM representative, a Forsaken leader named Melisara, cleared up Grotswatter’s confusion with the statement “Bring me the heads of the bosses.”

Grotswatter then enlisted the help of other GHT members, Myrdden and Exsilvalian, along with a troll warrior known only as Grunthor. Together, the four heroes of the Horde stormed the ruins of Alterac in the failing daylight, ambushed and killed several of the ogres, seeking out each of the Ogre chiefs and sub-chiefs, killing them and returning the heads to Melisara. The HDM representative commended them on Grimhorn Tribe’s swift action.

“If only all Horde tactical clans were as efficient,” Melisara stated, “The ongoing threats of encroaching Alliance forces, the ever-present danger of the Scourge and minor tribal clans such as the Crushridge Ogres in Alterac would be of little worry to the Horde. Realistically however, current deployment and force disposition are directed towards more the immediate threats that Warchief Thrall insists upon dealing with, which include, but are not limited to...” Melisara went on for some time to Grotswatter, who’s ultimate response was, “huh?”

Melisara cleared it up with, “Good job, Grotswatter. Go report your success to Undercity.”

Good job indeed!

Slithids New threat?

For Immediate Release:

By P.J. Rossi, Staff Writer
Horde Associated Press - 9/13

Yesterday, two Heroine of the Horde were besieged by unusually large insects in Shimmering Flats, 1000 Needles. Horde Defense Ministry (HDM) officials sent these Heroines to investigate raids on local Horde assets. “We went down to an old Stunty excavation site, when we located an unusually formed cave” reports Grotswatter, “it’s fortunate that Panzerz was with me, I don’t know that I’d have gotten out alive without her.” The heroines have filled out an after-action report and filed it with the HDM. According to the report, they investigated the cave, to find it formed out of some hardened resin. After finding their way inside, they were set upon by incidental attacks of one or two of the creatures at a time. The pair was able to defeat these insects handily, collecting some samples for the HDM and quickly moving outside to file their reports.

“We had observed some minimal swarming behavior inside the hive, but apparently, we had stirred up the creatures defenses enough that they were all but enraged once we got outside,” said Panzerz. “They were incredibly aggressive,” reports Grotswatter, “and their ichor stains armor these lovely shades of green and purple really well.” The filed report states that as they were trying to leave the site, they were set upon by 7 of these large beetle-like drones. A harrowing battle ensued, one that Grotswatter and Panzerz barely survived, only through quick action, elite Horde training and close cooperation by the heroines. Samples of the creatures have been delivered to the Bioresearch Committee based in Thunder Bluff. The committee reports other encounters with these unusual creatures, most notably in Southern Tanaris, the Ungoro Crater, and Silithus. This unusual hive activity has led to a memorandum circulated by the HDM. This memo indicates that travelers and heroes should take care in the presence of these creatures, named Silithids by the Bioresearch Committee.

Research biologists continue to work towards deeper understanding of these Silithids, their origins, biology and goals.

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