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Gator Surfing

Tree Horse


William and Orkey discover a place away from the maddening crowd

The fortress of solitude!

Atop the light pole in UC.

William's excellent adventure

I was mindin my own bizness, see? Not botherin nobody, just hangin in the UC. Then outta nowhere some alliance mage cast a spell on me or shumpthin. I was fallin right thru the floor! No kiddin! I sees stones flyin buy then Im inna water. No. not the nice green sludge. Water, mostly pure water.

I landed in that there Cragpool lake, up there in that Stone Talon place.

You know, where dem gobbos got their lumber operation. They're flat unfreindly and not very rich pickens either.

Sos, anyway, here I am floatin in this lake and there on the scaffold is one of the UC elevators!

It's goin up an' down and up and down and the door's there too goin up an' down. So I tries ta ride it up. I figgered this was some sorta Alliance trick or sumpthin, but no soap. That there elevator goed right through me like I was nuthin.

I stayed there and took some more pictures cuz I thought, "Billy, aint no sane body gonna beleive ya if ya got no evidence." Was a good thing I remembered my Brownie cuz I woulda doubted my vo-racity my own self.

The very next thing I know Im a fallin agin.

William's excellent adventure II

Like I said before, I was floatin in that there Cragpool lake and the next thing I know I'm fallin again. Only this time I lands in the cieling of the canals. That green sludge glow made me feel better than that outdoorsy, fresh air and water them gobbos had. The only thing I cant understand is how I falled up?

William's excellent adventure III

I ran around up there takin pics till the old Brownie almost melted down.

I was lookin for a way down but couldn't find any, so I just jumped. That there
green sludge felt almost like home.

Grimhorn tribe meeting:

Recently several new members have joind GHT and we had the chance to meet them at our latest meeting on the Spirit Rise of Thunder bluff.

Party hats at Flat's Birthday celebration.

The Tribe gathered outside Ogrimmar to wish Flatlander a happy birthday and share in his Gooey Spider Cake. A good time was had by all.

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