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Recruitment and Promotion:

Grimhorn Tribe is always looking for new members, strong players and gamers looking to contribute to the overall online experience.

To that end, we want to recruit new players, of any type, as long as they fit in with the guild goals, policies and overall “feel” of the guild. We know that each person to join will influence and change the guild ever so slightly, and we are willing to grow in new directions in response to the needs of our members.

How to join:

If you are interested in joining Grimhorn Tribe, we have a recruitment process, with several characters who are the de-facto recruiters.


  • Flatlander (GM) Alts: Tnktred, Zapu, WilliamBonny, Orkey
  • Wiggwump
  • Lucifersam
  • Exiu

Start with the guild recruitment tool and we will contact you in game if we think you might fit in.

Or, whisper a Recruiter with your interest to join, and be prepared to chat for a while. The recruiter may invite you to party up for a try-out where you get to know each other. Feel free to ask any question that comes to mind, as the recruiter is certain to ask you a few. After the try out period, the recruiter will decide to Invite or Pass.

If you are recommended by a tribe member in good standing, you may be invited outright.

  • Invite: We’re willing to give you a shot, you will be invited into the guild (with your acceptance of course) as a Recruit. Give it some time as the rest of the guild gets to know you.
  • Pass: For whatever reason (probably several) the recruiter has decided that your membership is probably not a good fit with the guild. It could be any of a number reasons, so please don’t be offended. You are welcome to ask to try out again, we are not so arrogant to think that we can fully know everything about a person from some brief questing/chat.


  • Recruit: When you initially join Grimhorn Tribe, your rank will be Recruit. You will have limited abilities in the guild, but your first promotion is easily attained. Read on.
  • Member: You will attain this rank after you register your email By sending Real Life email to newuser at grimhorn.ORG. Registering your email is REQUIRED for continued membership. It is spam-proof, and facilitates guild organization. It will also allow you access to a number of features which include the guild forum.  During this time consider yourself on a kind of behavioral probation. Follow the guild policies, be polite and respectful. We want to get to know you and like you, it will just take a little time. To advance beyond member and gain access to the Guild Bank, you must have an active authenticator or one of the free smart-phone apps for authentication . This is a requirement because hacking and Phishing.
  • Kinsman: The majority of members are Kinsmen, and you will attain this rank after you attain level 20 or one month of guild membership. Far be it from us to keep attendance records, but after a month of logging on fairly regularly, the guild should be fairly familiar with who you are and should recognize your character’s name.
  • Subchief: This is a rank you can only achieve if you are taking on a special project that benefits the guild and has been approved by the guild tribal council. Becoming a Subchief inducts you onto the Tribal Council. The Tribal Council is made up of all Subchiefs, Elders, and the Tribal Chief. Examples of special projects include various aspects of website maintenance, recruitment, Guild Bank management and so forth.
  • Elder: There are only four Elders. The Elders are appointed by the Elders and the Tribal Chief, and are among the oldest members of the guild. They are the voice and hand of the Tribal Chief, especially if the Tribal Chief is absent ... There are no current plans to expand the Chieftan Council at the moment, but the rank may expand as the guild needs.
  • Tribal Chieftan: The Tribal Chief is the Guildmaster. The Tribal Chief is a kind of Prime Minister for the guild, a Chairman for the Tribal Council. Flatlander is our current Tribal Chieftan.
  • Tribal Council: a Parliamentary organization made of the Subchiefs, Elders, and Tribal Chieftan. They are responsible for guiding guild policy and assisting the membership with any problems they may have. If a member has some issue that needs addressing, please contact a Subchief, Elder or the Tribal Chief

Guild Bank: Access to items in the guild bank is a privilege. You are expected to treat the bank and the banker with respect. The Guild Bank is not a dumping ground or a scratch space for organizing your bags. New members will be given limited access at the Member rank and more access as you progress. If there is something in the bank that you can use, now, then ask for it. Kinsmen, the GUILD BANKER or any officer will be glad to help.

Security: Because of the fact that members have access to the guild bank, we have to be more careful about security. If you get hacked, it is not just your equipment that can be taken. Everything in the Guild Bank is at risk. This is why an authenticatoror one of the free smart-phone apps for authentication is required to progress.

Therefore: you may be demoted or removed from the guild if your account is hacked or we believe that it has been hacked.

It sounds harsh, but once we are as sure as we can be that you are secure, all ranks, rights, and privileges will be restored. Security is up to you.

Secure your account The GM of the largest guild in the world and host of the podcast "The Instance" was hacked. GHT has had members hacked. It is a jarringand unpleasant experience. But it can be avoided easily

  • Use a strong password.
  • Never EVER share your user name and password with ANYONE
    • not the dog
    • Your best bud
    • Sis.
    • Bro
  • Never ever log in to your account from a friend's machine. You have no idea where your friend has been on the web. He could have just gotten infected with a key logger that will send your user name and password to we_rip_you_off_wow.somewhereinchina.com. You don't know.

  • If you have to share an account and a computer, we understand. Do not assume that GHT will welcome who ever that person is, however. Do us the favor of introducing them and allow us go get to know you both. The other person using your account needs to be aware of the issues as well.
  • Never ever buy gold, or visit a gold seller's site. Almost all of the sites you see whispered to you in game spam are sites that will attempt to hack your acount, either by installing a logger, or subverting your browser.
  • Change your password often. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Password_strength


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